The price of the dollar in Egypt on Sunday, December 13, 2020


The dollar has stabilized against the Egyptian pound on Sunday at the Central Bank and most banks operating in Egypt.

Foreign and Arab exchange rates have also stabilized, according to the Central Bank of Egypt. 

The dollar recorded 15.65 pounds for purchase and 15.75 pounds for sale at the Central Bank.

Dollar prices in Egypt

The dollar recorded the highest price against the pound at 15.66 pounds to buy and 15.76 pounds for sale in most banks, including Odeh, International Commercial, Egyptian Gulf, Kuwait Kuwait, Reconstruction and Housing.

The dollar price in Egypt's Al Ahli and Egypt (the two largest government banks) was 15.64 pounds for purchase and 15.74 for sale.

The lowest dollar price at Arab International Banking Bank (SYIB) was at 15.59 pounds for purchase and 15.69 pounds for sale.

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