The dollar price in Egypt on Wednesday, December 9, 2020


The average exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound rose slightly, during the morning trading on Wednesday, for banks and exchange companies.

The prices of the euro, the pound and the Kuwaiti dinar also increased on Wednesday, and the prices of the Saudi riyal and the Uae dirham stabilized, according to the average currency rates in the Egyptian market on the central bank's website.

The dollar rose to 15.63 pounds for purchase and 15.73 pounds for sale in banks.

Egypt has recently experienced a state of stability in the currency market, with foreign exchange availability and the central bank's high cash reserves.

According to the Central Bank of Egypt website, the average exchange rate of the dollar against the pound increased by one penny to 15,628 pounds for purchase, and 15,728 pounds for sale.

The average dollar against the Egyptian pound has remained stable over the past week at the same level, amid a significant calm of the money market.

Highest price for the dollar

The dollar was the highest against the pound at EGP 15.63 to buy and 15.73 pounds for sale at 24 banks, including ADIB, National Kuwait, Commercial International, Saip, Blom Egypt, Cairo, HSBC, Odeh, Al Ahli United, Alexandria and Egyptian Gulf.

The lowest dollar price at Al Ahli Bank of Egypt and Egypt was at 15.61 pounds for purchase, and 15.71 for sale.

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