Gold prices in Egypt on Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Gold prices in Egypt fell during wednesday's trading, in parallel with the decline in the price of the yellow metal globally.

The decline in gold in Egypt is contrary to analysts' expectations that the yellow metal will rise as we approach the holiday season.

Global gold prices fell from a two-week peak today, as encouraging developments in the Coronavirus vaccine prompted investors to buy high-risk stocks as global equities climbed to record highs. 

"The price of gold is subject to a move in global markets, which in turn swings between vaccine-driven optimism and hopes of Us fiscal stimulus," said Harshal Parrott, an analyst at Metals Focus.

Gold prices in Egypt

The price of a gram of gold 24 fell to 925.75 pounds from 929.25 pounds yesterday, according to the platform "i-Sagha".

The price of 21 caliber (the most traded in Egypt) fell to 810 pounds from 813 pounds, yesterday.

The price of gold 18 carat fell to 694.25 pounds per gram from 696.75 pounds, yesterday.

The price of the pound gold in Egypt (8 grams of caliber 21) fell to 6480 pounds from 6504 pounds, yesterday.

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